docklands dock‧lands [ˈdɒkləndz ǁ ˈdɑːk-] noun [plural] PROPERTY
1. an area of a city that contains or used to contain dock S:

• The redevelopment of the docklands has made Cardiff an attractive location for many new businesses.

2. Docklands an area of London formerly containing dock S and now a centre for business with many office buildings:

• All three firms have decided to move to London's Docklands.

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Docklands UK US /ˈdɒkləndz/ noun [U]
an area of London that was a port in the past, and that now has apartments and the offices of many banks and other businesses: »

They plan to take 30,000 sq. metres of office space in the Docklands development.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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